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Terms and Conditions

MAXI LIMO SA Terms and Conditions

Standard terms and conditions of service for Maxi Limo SA

“In case of cancellation, Up to 80% of the amount will be refundable”

Changes, cancellations and attempted changes to “point to point” transfers must be advised during normal business hours (8:30am to 5.30pm ACST- Mon – Fri) and with not less than 72 business hours advance notice of the scheduled pick-up time for transfers commencing within the metropolitan area and not less than 72 business hours advance notice of the scheduled pick-up time for transfers originating outside of the metropolitan area.  The full charge may apply for changes, attempted changes and/or cancellations not advised in accordance with these terms. Read More

Any pick-up time change request received without providing the required notification may still be charged based on the originally scheduled pick-up time irrespective of a drivers’ agreement to accommodate the updated time.  A common scenario where this applies is late evening transfers where passengers contact the driver at short notice to delay their pick-up time.  In such cases, it will be entirely at the discretion of Maxi Limo S.A. as to whether waiting time would be charged for the delay and in some cases additional charges would be applied.

Unless a specific duration of waiting time has been pre-booked, Maxi Limo S.A. cannot guarantee the availability of a booked car/driver beyond the originally booked pick-up time. Most commonly referred to in the transport industry as a “No Show”, any transfer booking will be deemed to have been forfeited by the client where the traveller(s) have failed to meet their Maxi Limo S.A. vehicle/driver within 15 minutes of the originally scheduled pick-up time.  An extended grace period of 20 minutes will apply for transfer bookings meeting a specified domestic flight arrival and an extended grace period of 30 minutes will apply for transfer bookings meeting a specified international flight arrival.  This time will be calculated from the actual time of flight arrival.  The full charge will apply for any booking deemed by Maxi Limo S.A. to have been forfeited in accordance with these terms including any applicable waiting time.  All reasonable attempts will be made by Maxi Limo S.A. or the assigned driver to contact the passenger prior to abandoning a transfer due to traveller “no show”.  In all cases, if contact can be made with the traveller or their nominated representative, that person will either be advised that the driver is abandoning the transfer or an offer will be extended for the driver to wait up to the maximum time our schedules will allow at that time.  Waiting time charges would apply at a rate per minute once 5 minutes has elapsed from the originally scheduled pick-up time.

Changes, cancellations and attempted changes to ‘Hourly Hire’ bookings must be advised during normal business hours and with not less than 72 business hours advance notice of the originally scheduled pick-up time.  The full charge may apply for changes, attempted changes and/or cancellations not advised in accordance with these terms.

In the event of a driver not being present at the booked time of collection, the traveller must immediately make contact with either the driver or Maxi Limo S.A.  No refund will apply to the client in the event of an abandoned transfer unless a minimum of 10 minutes has elapsed from the original booked pick-up time or from such time that we are first alerted that a driver is not present, whichever is the latest.  In the event of a flight arrival, the client must allow a minimum of 10 minutes from either the originally scheduled flight arrival time or such actual time as the flight may have arrived or from such time as we are alerted of a driver not being present, whichever is the latest.

No refund of any difference in fare will apply to a changed booking where the required advance notification in accordance with the aforementioned terms has not been provided.

All transfers pre-paid via credit card will incur a non-refundable 5% credit card fee

Our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the highest levels however in the unfortunate event of breakdown Maxi Limo S.A. cannot be held responsible.

In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle booked prior to the date of booking, every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle/s at The Company discretion. If this is not acceptable to The Hirer, a refund will be made of monies paid.

Booking changes resulting in a higher fare and/or more restrictive terms and conditions shall, for the purpose of determining any subsequent change or cancellation penalty, inherit and retain the highest fare and most restrictive conditions as may have applied at any time throughout the history of that particular transfer booking.

In addition to any applicable increase in fare, where more than 2 change requests have been received pertaining to any particular booking, Maxi Limo S.A. may at its own discretion apply an administrative fee of $5 per additional change.  This change / administrative fee may apply irrespective of compliance with advance notification requirements.  This fee very rarely becomes applicable and serves as a source of optional compensation for Maxi Limo S.A. in the event of excessive changes.

Van, stretch limousine, specialty vehicles, and/or multi seat vehicle bookings are typically non-refundable irrespective of any advance cancellation/change notification provided.  Maxi Limo S.A. will not be obliged to process or offer a refund of payment in the event of cancellation or change that cannot be accommodated.  This is due to terms commonly imposed upon us by sub-contractor operators and sometimes limited availability of these vehicle types.

Notification of any cancellation or change is deemed not to have been received by Maxi Limo S.A. unless verifiable confirmation/evidence can be provided to Maxi Limo S.A. by the client that such communication has been issued, delivered and acknowledged by Maxi Limo S.A.

Any and all admin or credit card merchant fees charged are non-refundable.

As is the case for any fares, fees or charges, the onus is on the payer to seek a quotation and information relating to any costs or potential costs that may be incurred or associated with the engagement of Maxi Limo S.A. services.

Weddings and special hire, e.g. daily hire, race days, etc., payment in full must be received by our office at least 7 days before date of hire.

Cash payments must be paid to the Chauffeur at the time and place of the first collection (pick up) point prior to departure.

Although we will take care, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to luggage or personal property left in the vehicle during or after the rental period

The Company or its representative (e.g. chauffeur), reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle to any person / persons they deem unfit for whatsoever reason and can refuse to continue the journey if any person / persons behave in a manner which may be detrimental to other persons or to the vehicle and its contents. In this event no refund will be given.

Any bookings that are made by any persons under the age of Seventeen (17 years) must have parents or a guardians consent.

Maxi Limo S.A. reserves the right to increase fares periodically without prior notice

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